Who We Are

It is our passion to build the best machines in the industry.

In 1933, following the great depression, Joe H. Crosby started building sawmill machinery for the lumber industry in the south.

Under Mr. Crosby’s leadership, Crosby Sawmill Machines developed a complete line of edgers, gang saws, trimmers and other sawmill equipment. His philosophy was “Sawmills want sturdy and dependable equipment.” The last 70 years have proven his philosophy to be correct. Crosby has machines in 27 states and has built over 7,000 machines making Crosby one of the largest providers of sawmill equipment in the world. In the tradition of the founder, Crosby still builds sturdy and dependable equipment utilizing today’s technology and yesterday’s experience.

Traditionally, Crosby Sawmill Machinery was manufactured in Shreveport, Louisiana.  However for the past fifteen years, WPS Industries Group in West Monroe, Louisiana has been manufacturing the machinery. Though new technology and greater resources now being available, the philosophy will be the same…You can count on Crosby!

Why Choose Us?

As Crosby Machine, we build equipment for the long term. Our saws are made to pass down for generations.


At Crosby Machine we take pride in using the best technology when building or restoring machines.


When you choose Crosby Machine, you are sure to end up with equipment that is designed for ultimate performance.


At Crosby Machine, we are always striving to create most unique and durable machines on the market today.

Quality With Purpose

Here at Crosby Machine, we don’t just build machines, we build machines that perform! We know that each and every day you depend on our machines to provide efficiency and durability and we strive to achieve this in every machine that we build.

The Best Engineers

Our highly trained engineers are the best at what they do. This ensures that your machine will be built to the exact specifications each and every time. From planning to production, our Engineers are with you every step of the way.